Saturday, January 18, 2014

AVG Internet Security 2014 Free download full version

AVG Internet Security 2014 14.0 Build 4161 Final

AVG net Security 2014 - the newest version of associate degree integrated antivirus AVG 2014, offered for transfer and testing. addition to any improve the protection options and performance solutions, conjointly adscititious a brand new feature that permits you to firmly and for good delete files from your disk. The practicality offered within the context menu of supported file formats and folders. Since this re-creation brings a range of changes and enhancements to the entire anti-virus solutions, developers give you to put in and take a look at the new anti-virus AVG net Security 2014 to check its functioning.

The main components:
Antivirus and antispyware
Web protection Surf-Shield
Web Scanner on-line protect
Privacy statement
Identity Alert
Email Scanner
Personal firewall
PC instrument
The data warehouse
Additional elements
Improved detection:
Best threat detection: Detection is consistently rising to make sure protection. that is in step with today's net threats.
Reputation files: New AVG antivirus scans files victimisation cloud service reports the prevalence of sure files on users' computers. This info is employed to boost the capabilities (heuristics, behavioural detection) detection of threats. don't collect any personal info, and users got to select a program to boost product, to permit access to the information.

Component Anti-Virus: any development and optimisation of malware removal antivirus engine.
Core: optimisation of the scale of the information file detection. change the information from 2013 to 2014.

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