Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spitfire Audio HZ01 Hans Zimmer Percussion London Ensembles Free download full version


Recorded at Air Studios via AN best signal chain. ninety six rarefied microphones, into Neve island pre-amps, the world's biggest Neve 88R table (which was thoroughly re-gained at each dynamic layer for optimum signal quality), via a twin chain to HDX and Prism converters running at 192k. run out thirty TB of staple from these sessions alone.

The London Ensembles sessions feature the cream of Hans Zimmer's hand picked percussion corps enjoying a distillation of a decade's value of musical experimentation and innovation. this can be not AN imitation of techniques explored in films as well as Gladiator, Indian chief Down, The Dark Knight and origination. it's a truthful recreation.

Install guide:-

- Open your latest Kontakt

- attend Libraries tab

- Click add library

- choose the directory/folder that you just have downloaded

- On Win user, simply affirmative or settle for once prompted to feature libary.

- Mac user, read

(Except while not the key or serial part!)

- The extra library can show au fait the left panel.